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Startrite Spare Parts & Handbooks

A.L.T. Saws and Spares are the approved manufacturers and suppliers of original spare parts and accessories for the Startrite range of machines.

We supply parts to many industries in the UK and throughout the world, including:
Schools/Colleges & Universities
Furniture & Cabinet Makers
Musical Instrument Makers
Carpenters & Joiners
Sign Makers
Engineering & Fabrication Companies
Wood Enthusiasts

We carry a large stock of parts manufactured from original Startrite engineering drawings for machines dating as far back as the 1950`s, which include band saws, planers, drills, dust extraction units, and the legendary tilt arbour table saw range.

We have our own manufacturing machine shop facilities so can offer very competitive prices on parts & accessories used on all the Startrite range of machines.

To help identify a part free original machine manuals are available to download.

If you require prices or information on any parts please contact us we have over 20 years experience with Startrite products.

I Table Saw Handbooks:

II T/A145 - Handbook 17E
II T/A165 - Handbook 18E
II T/A175 1755DS - Handbook 15E
II T/A255 - Handbook 22E
II T/A275 275DS- Handbook 16E
II T/A300 - Handbook 33E
II T/A300PS - Handbook 32E
II T/A1250 - Handbook 42E
II SC25 - Handbook - AWAITING
II SC160/130 - Handbook - AWAITING
II STA300 - Handbook
II Startrite SC25 Parts List

I Woodworking Vertical Band Saws Handbooks:

II 14/18/20/24 S1 & S5 Series Handbook 4E
II 301 - Handbook 27E
II 301 - Handbook BO10015
II 301S - Handbook CLSA
II 301E - Handbook PC00019
II 301SB - Handbook
II 351 - Handbook 35E
II 351 - Handbook BO10019
II 351 - Later Model Handbook BO10019
II 351S - Manual Later Edition CLSB
II 351E - Handbook PC00020
II 351SE - Handbook PC00137
II 351SB - Handbook
II 352 First Model - Handbook 7E
II 352 Later Model - Handbook BO10028
II 352S - Handbook CLSC
II 352SB 401E 401S 440R 581S 681S Handbook WME
II 502 Early Model - Handbook 36E
II 502 Later Model - Handbook BO10030
II 502S - Handbook CLSD
II Bandit 12S1 12S5 12S10 Handbook 5E
II RS1 - Handbook - AWAITING
II RS2 - Handbook - AWAITING

I Metalworking Vertical Bandsaw Handbooks:

II Bandit 12S1 12S5 12S10 Handbook 5E WM
II RW (F,S,H) Handbook BO10000 WM
II RWS RWH Early Models Handbook 1E WM
II T Series Handbook 3C WM
II V & R Series Handbook 2C WM
II V & S 10 Speed Series Handbook BO10006 WM
II V500 Handbook BO10016 WM

I Metalworking Horizontal Bandsaw Handbooks:

II H175 Handbook 23E WM
II H200W Handbook BO10372 WM
II H225 Handbook 26E WM
II HB225M5 HB250M HB330M Handbook BO10384 WM
II H250A Handbook 25E WM
II H280M4 Manual BO 10401 WM
II HB280A BO10385 Manual WM
II H330MV Manual BO10379 WM

I, Planners Handbooks:

II FS300 - Handbook - AWAITING
II PT260 - Handbook 29E Early Model - AWAITING
II PT260 - Handbook 29E Later Model - AWAITING
II SD310 - Handbook 31E

I, Drills Handbooks:

II Mercury 5 Speed Handbook 9E
II Mercury 10 speed hand book 10E

I, Dust Extractor Units Handbooks:

I Cyclair 75 - Handbook 21E
II Cyclair 55 - Handbook 14E - AWAITING
II MDE HC - Handbook BO11675
II MDE2 & MDE3 - Handbook BO11672