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Carbon Steel Band Saw Blades

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Superior SHARK Carbon Steel Band Saw Blades

SHARK band saw blades are of the very highest quality in terms of manufacture and metallurgy. Each is created from a single precision high carbon steel strip with unique and unparalleled characteristics and metallurgical properties developed exclusively for A.L.T. Saws And Spares Ltd

What difference does using such high-grade carbon steel make to a blade? The answer is a world of difference. Firstly, performance – every SHARK blade has superior cutting abilities, making easy work of whatever each specific blade in the range is designed to tackle, leaving a precise clean cut. Secondly, the carbides in every SHARK blade are finely and evenly dispersed during our heat treatment process resulting in teeth that are tougher and harder. That means dramatically improved wear and fatigue resistance resulting in noticeably longer blade life.

A Cut Above The Rest

Longer life blades mean lower production costs, minimal downtime and longer production runs. The results? Increased productivity and profits – two key benefits for you and your business.

Everything that can possibly be done to extend the life, cutting power and precision of our blades has been done, That's why the SHARK range is a collection of the highest quality and performing blades found anywhere in the world.

Uniform CNC Teeth Setting

For a blade to cut at maximum efficiency and accuracy, its teeth must be set with precise of uniformity. The slightest variation in the set of any one tooth can have dramatic negative impact creating wider, erratic rough cuts, more waste and a compromised overall finish.

Our unique process guarantees the optimum degree of set on every SHARK blade. We can promise this as every blade passes through our rigorous quality checks at every step of the manufacturing process. This culminates in a range of band saw blades that straight out the box cut straighter, harder and faster.

Ultra Strong Welds

The weakest point of any blade is the weld that creates the loop. At A.L.T Saws, to ensure the absolute integrity of this joint, we developed a unique factory welding process of our own. Designed to produce a blade with an ultra strong weld with optimum joint strength and improved alignment accuracy.

This factory process creates not only a highly flexible, but super-strong weld, it delivers impressive reliability for maximum operating efficiency.